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My name is Venus. I knit as much as possible, while juggling work and various other activities. Currently, my yarn sprees hinder my ability to save up for trips and other important things. But I'm not apologizing.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I love how co-ordinating colors are drawn to each other. Or it could be some sort of subliminal thing that I am doing. Over a month ago when I bought yarn for my Fella, I also bought yarn for my own sweater. A really lovely deep red. The color of the sweater shown in the picture by the model is green. A few days ago I cast on for the sweater with needles I already have in my quickly growing selection. I needed 2 sizes and the colors of the needles just happened to be red and green. Then two days ago I picked up a new clear vinyl bag with a cherry print in red and green. And yesterday I got a new duvet cover in a wicked two-toned swirly green. All of these shades of green and red are really similar. It is really weird, and looks very cool if not a bit overboard. Anyway, I am almost done the back piece and will casting on one of the front pieces. I love the color. It's just the right shade of red.

On a side note, it is my sister's 22nd birthday today! Happy Birthday to Diane! She is here visiting with my mom (both from Calgary).


Blogger ErLeCa said...

Red and green do go very well together. You just have to be careful they don't look too Christmas-y, ya know?

8/04/2006 1:45 p.m.  

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