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My name is Venus. I knit as much as possible, while juggling work and various other activities. Currently, my yarn sprees hinder my ability to save up for trips and other important things. But I'm not apologizing.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A little too little, a little too late.

*Sigh* I missed Project Spectrum June all together. I was saving this picture and now it's July! Doh. So that is the sewing machine that my Fella got for me (he's so sweet!) , lovely yarn from Mama E and a blanket I am working on for 'someone'.

Anyway, nevermind that. Today we went out and did it up! Today was the first skimboarding of the year. It really feels like summer now. The weather was great and the beach was packed but there was plenty of space on the water. I'm starting to get a better handle on it compared to last year. Ian's sister came out with us, we took turns (because there is only one board between the three of us, that might have to change!) and there was no diving face first into the water like last year. Good times!


Blogger ErLeCa said...

That looks like so much fun! You just gotta love summer huh?

7/04/2006 7:54 p.m.  

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