V Knits

My name is Venus. I knit as much as possible, while juggling work and various other activities. Currently, my yarn sprees hinder my ability to save up for trips and other important things. But I'm not apologizing.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Tungsten and Alpaca Paint

Well. Silly me thinking my camera wasn't as nice as I thought. Nope, not the case. It's just that I didn't even think to check the options/tools on my camera. There's a little selection called White Balance. You can set it to whatever light condition you are in. Sunny, cloudy, flourescent, tungsten.... So that is that. Hopefully now I won't be having any pink glare in my pictures. And now since I've learned something about my camera, here is a picture of the scarf I am working on with the Alpaca Paint I got. I'm doing an elongated stitch pattern off the top of my head. It works well with the yarn because it shows off the awesome colors but is still an interesting pattern. I think my upcoming projects will include another one of these scarves, another Branching Out scarf, more glove mitts like the rainbow ones (I think I'll try a cotton yarn next) and the Circle Shrug from the cover of the fall Vogue Knitting magazine.... Not in that order.

Gladys gets her scarf

Saturday morning, I met up with one of my co-workers and after getting coffee, we went on a mission to drop off Gladys' gift. I was going to get one of the barista's to do the giving but I had my co-worker do it instead. I think Gladys was very surprised! I love giving presents. I don't like the akwardness that sometimes happens when it is an unexpected gift though. Sometimes I get the feeling that the person recieving feels like they have to return the gesture. I hate that! That is not why I give gifts. So this time, I eliminated that, wrote a card and all is well. Also, hopefully in the next day or so I will show here what I have started with the lovely Alpaca Paint I got.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Branching Out for Gladys

I'm done, I'm done, I'm done the Branching Out Scarf for Gladys. I'm also done my Rainbow Glove Mitts. 2 FO's in one post. How about that? I've finished blocking the scarf and I think I will give it to the unsuspecting Gladys tomorrow morning. (Depending on whether I see her or not...) And I am very, very pleased with my gloves. I am going to write out an improved pattern and maybe I'll post it too. I'll be knitting those again soon! Also, on Monday while I was out and about, I discovered Homecraft Importers on 4th Ave. What a cute little place! They have a healthy alpaca section too. I picked up 3 balls of Alpaca Paint in this georgeous burgundy, red, pink, orange colorway. So sexy! When I find some good daylight I will take pics of them and my finished mitts.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Rainbow Glove-Mitts Progress

I was supposed to have these buddies done for winter. I blew it. Ah well, I have grey cabled gloves to hold me over, but I can't wait to wear these guys. I love it when a pattern I make up starts to work out. The second glove is a definite improvement on the first but they will both be wearable in that homemade (but not embarassingly awkward doesn't- quite- fit- but- I'm- wearing- them- anyway) kind of way. Also, please note that this is another crappy picture taken at 10pm with the flash on. I have to work when the sun is out and on my days off the fates like to play jokes on me and make it rainy and cloudy so I will never be able to take decent pictures again!!!! I look at Knit and Tonic and I feel shame. Deep, deep shame.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Well, well. Today, I went on a day trip with Jill and her two friends Krista and Andrea. We drove down to Bellingham to Bellis Fair and to just outside Seattle to a huge outlet mall. I found the cutest Dr. Martens I have ever seen! I bought them. I had to.

And when I was walking home from Jill's this is what I found in the alley! I have been hoping and wishing and putting off the purchase of a sewing machine. And there it was in the alley. I've wound the bobbin (it came with 2) and I am testing the tension etc etc. There's even a needle in it, a lightbulb that WORKS and it all runs like a top.

And to give you an idea of the yarn that I recieved along with the alpaca fleece, here is a late-night, picture-with-flash of my 200g of recycled sari silk. There is every color under the sun in this yarn I am sure. There. Some tidbits in picture form to tide you over. =)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Knit Night at Katherine's

Still no pictures. Tonight Jill and I went to her co-worker/friend Katherine's knitting night. There was 8 ladies there all together, me being the youngest. I love going to knitting nights! Everyone is always interested in other peoples projects and progress. You get awesome tips for shopping, stitching and all sorts of things. Knitting nights are a wealth of knowledge. Jill worked on her baby afghan, I worked on my Branching Out scarf (which everyone drooled over!), Katherine was working on a new knit pattern for a blanket and also brought a baby sweater she was working on. A lady named Nikki had brought crocheted cashmere hats and was working on a shawl (I think). Pat was working on a toque, Loraine was working on (a scarf and) a sweater, along with another lady and Valerie was there to learn to knit! Near the end, most of the ladies had been comissioned to help wind 4-5 different skeins of yarn into center-pull balls. Jill and I had to leave early but we had a great time. The next meeting is for the 14th of December. I'll probably go. Also, I have been working a lot on the Branching Out scarf for Gladys so I think it will be done soon. (Finally!)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cloudy days mean no posts with pictures

Go figure. The days off that I have to myself (so that I have time to take pictures for my blog,) are always cloudy. Normally I love it when it's gray and rainy. But I get a weird pink glare in my photos when it's overcast and the outcome never looks good. So! I have finished a scarf but I will have to post pics later. It's a watermelon themed scarf and I am thinking of gifting it.... Also, I recieved my yarn and alpaca fleece that I had shipped from the Alpaca Shop in Montville, QLD so hopefully I'll have pictures of those up soon. I also have been trying to get a decent picture of a new wool winder I bought second hand in mint condish. I got it for $2. Now that's a deal. If anyone has any lighting tips when taking a picture with a digital, please let me know. I know that filtered daylight is great, indoor light at night is not, direct sunlight is bad and that overcast conditions are less than ideal. I don't like to post when I don't have pictures to go with it. But I may have to for the time being.