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Monday, December 17, 2007

Eri's Clapotis and Muskox Qiviuq Yarn

Eri's Clapotis.....

....In Drops Alpaca.

I love giving gifts. This past weekend became a series of impromptu gift exchanges. My Fella's sister and fiance came out from Courtenay to visit and I also spent some tasty-food, quality time with my good friend Eri. She was kind enough to model her new clapotis for photos. (Thanks Eri!)

Eri brought something for me too. Of course, what would a knitter love more than the gift of yarn!

100% Muskox Qiviuq Yarn from Folknits.

This is no ordinary yarn however. It is Muskox yarn. Muskox. I had no idea. I checked out the Folknits website and it said "Qiviuq is one of the finest, lightest and rarest fibres in the world." How cool is that? I am being very careful with what pattern I choose to knit with this. It will be a scarf for sure, possibly a slim version of the Clapotis... Oh! This yarn is absolutely gorgeous. It smells a bit different from other yarns. More like home, earthy and warm. I am in love with this yarn. The natural color of the yarn is so pretty too. It's a very subtle gray-brown, very sophisticated in a cashmere kind of way. Really, I can't say enough about this yarn. I'm going to savor it and not rush through knitting it. I'm still resisting winding it into a cake. =)

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