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Monday, December 18, 2006

This December

This is the first year since ever that I haven't worked retail during Christmas. I loathed this time of year and very little of me would get into the spirit of things. I am happy to say that even though I still despise mall muzak Christmas carols, large groups of shoppers and tacky, over-priced decorations, I am more agreeable to the atmosphere this year. I have my mind settled in a homey, down-to-earth Christmas with lots of treats and food, family and friends.

Mmm, and the best gift a foodie like me can receive is.... Food! I had to share this one. A very good friend of mine gave me homemade peppermint patties! Aren't they gorgeous! And they taste fantastic. (Thanks Eri!)

Now for the things I've been up to this month (other than the obligatory Christmas shenanigans.)

This series of photos is a result of a recent trip to Value Village. It's my first attempt at a rag rug and I can't be happier. I love the colors!

Next, because I have temporarily abandoned my Evening in Eden Lace Shawl I will show you the results my mom had using the same pattern.

She knitted it up very quick. I think it only took her a couple weeks. Go Mom Go!

Last but not least, I finished and gifted a baby blanket for my Fella's co-worker.

Now that all my hard work is done, I am counting down the days until my Fella and I go up to visit his parents in Powell River for Christmas. Also, my birthday is quickly approaching which mean one thing. Cake. (A few days ago I was taken out to early birthday dinner to the Modern Club. If you live in Vancouver I urge you to visit this restaurant. It's at 3446 Dunbar Street between 18th and 19th Ave. The Modern Club. They serve Japanese-style savory pancakes called okonomiyaki's. They are to die for. You must go!)

I hope everyone is making the best of this festive season. Stay safe and I'll see you in the new year!


Blogger Angela said...

Happy Birthday!

Super cute baby blanket :)

12/19/2006 4:03 p.m.  
Blogger Vanessa said...

Eden Lace Shawl is gorgeous!! Oh wow..only took her two weeks. She must be one of those lace guru :) You should model for us..it's fabulous :)

12/19/2006 5:19 p.m.  

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