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Thursday, July 28, 2005

UFO's and New Projects

Whew! My family has just left after a few days visit. It's always nice and tempermantal to see them. We went shopping (much to my dad, brother and boyfriend's chagrin) and to some more natural and less commercial places as well. And just like my mom, she rarely comes over without a gift of some sort. This time she thought I'd like to try a more different yarn. She also got me a pattern booklet for this yarn.

And while we were out shopping, I picked up some cotton to crochet into beanies for my brother.

I've also had time to start a swatch for a pattern I may be able to figure out, from the notes I've took of a bollero/shrug while we were shopping. I'm thinking of using the silky wool, previously purchased without a project in mind. (This swatch knit on 4.5mm) I have the cables turning opposite to eachother. Do I like it? Don't know.

And last but not least, my second attempt at the footlets, without the double padding on soles.

Kind of blury but you get the idea.

It definitely looks like I've started more projects than I really need. UFO's, lets recap.

1) Flower Lace Hoodie 45% done (backburner)
2)Baby Kimono 40% done (backburner)
3)Mom's X-mas present(not blogged) 25% done (backburner)
4)Footlets: Take 2 15% done
5)Rainbow Glove-Mitts 65% done (backburner)

Okay, well that's not too bad I guess. The bad part is when I start looking for new projects. Do I need to be unravelling my boyfriend's old sweater to knit into more socks? probably not.

Projects to start:

1) Silky Wool Bollero/Shrug
2) Bro Beanies (2)
3) Sister's shrug and matching belt
4)More socks

I also have this need to find 'homes' for all my yarn. I like to have projects in mind for each yarn, and sometimes when I find the pattern/project that is just right, I have to start it right away! I have a couple of stray and miscellaneous balls that await small, kitchy novelty projects like..... Well, if I knew, I wouldn't be so compelled to find projects for them, would I? That's all for now I guess.

On other news the lady I knit the baby booties and toques for had her brand new baby girl early this morning!!!! So congratulations to her! What's that? Baby needs some new knits? I'm on it.


Blogger Angie said...

You have to let me know how you liked working with that Bernat yarn. I will only use it if 1) I use ginormous needles or 2) I pair it up w/some type of ribbon yarn. It's beautiful once worked up, it's the working w/it that can be a pain!

9/08/2006 6:54 p.m.  

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